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About the Center

The Berlin Center for Musicians Medicine (BCMM) of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin is a counseling center for professional and amateur musicians. In the musicological consultation, interdisciplinary diagnostics and therapy are carried out by experts from various medical fields.

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The Berlin Center for Musicians Medicine

We, a group of doctors and therapists, often with their own musical background, offer an interdisciplinary consultation based on the individual needs of the musicians. For this purpose, we use the specialist expertise at the Charité and network it with external treatment offers in such a way that fast and targeted care is possible. The coordination of consultation and treatment remains in one hand, to avoid many ways and multiple clarifications.

A special focus should be on prevention: "How do I stay healthy as a musician?" We offer music-specific health advice in cooperation with the Kurt Singer Institute. In addition to the specialized provision of diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic services for professional musicians and lay people in Berlin and beyond, interdisciplinary consultations, quality circles and research projects are being developed.


Prof. Dr. med. Dipl. Mus. Alexander Schmidt

Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. med. Eckart Altenmüller, Hannover
Prof. Dr. med. Maria Schuppert, Würzburg

Organization Chart