Get to know the team of the Berlin Center for Musicians Medicine (BCMM). It consists of employees who work in different clinics and institutes of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

An overview of the institutions involved in the BCMM can be found in the Network area.

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Medical Coordination

Dr. med. Dipl. Mus. Isabel Fernholz

Medical Coordinator, Musicians' Medicine

Dr. Isabel Fernholz

Experts Neurology / Psychiatry

Phoniatrics / ENT experts

Dr. med. Seo-Rin Ko

Dr. Seo-Rin Ko
Prof. Dr. med. Tadeus Nawka

Oberarzt und Standortleiter am Campus Charité Mitte mit Schwerpunkt Stimme und Schlucken, Phonochirurgie

Prof. Tadeus Nawka

Experts Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Experts Dentistry / Orthodontics

Experts Surgery / Orthopedics

Prof. h.c. Dr. med. Almut Tempka

Prof. Almut Tempka

Experts Internal Medicine / Dermatology

Dr. med. Anne Bruns

Dr. Anne Bruns
Prof. Dr. med. Fabian Knebel

Senior consultant Department of cardiology and angiology at Campus Mitte

Prof. Dr. med. Lutz Uharek

Prof. Lutz Uharek
Prof. Dr. med. Bertram Wiedenmann

Prof. Bertram Wiedeman
Prof. Dr. med. Margitta Worm

Director Division of Allergy and Immunology, Dpt. of Dermatology and Allergy

Prof. Margitta Worm

Experts Science

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Friederike Kendel

Lehrkoordinatorin Medizinische Psychologie

Dr. Friederike Kendel
Jennifer Mumm, M.Sc.-Psych.

Psychologische Psychotherapeutin

Jennifer Mumm

Internal Network Coordination

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Anne Berghöfer

consultant, Medical Quality Management, Teaching Coordinator

Dr. Anne Berghöfer, Foto Kirsch Berlin