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Press release


10 years of drug development research at Charité Research Organisation

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10 years ago today marked the commencement of work at Charité Research Organisation (CRO), a subsidiary of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Providing access to the facilities and expertise of a large university hospital, the aim of the CRO has been to facilitate the conduct of complex, scientifically-demanding clinical studies that form part of the early phase of drug development. The CRO has overseen the successful completion of more than 200 of these legally mandated clinical trials.

Since the start of operations on 1st April 2006, the CRO has grown into an organization with more than 150 staff. Originally occupying just a few rooms, the CRO has expanded into a large research and training facility that operates across several different sites. From its very beginning, the CRO has been known as a pioneer and key trendsetter, both within Germany and across Europe. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Frank Wagner, the CRO managed to address complex political, economic and scientific challenges, achieving a veritable paradigm shift in early-phase drug development, particularly in phase I and II clinical trials. Guided by the principles of translational research, and benefiting from direct access to Charité's facilities and expertise, the aim was to facilitate complex and scientifically-demanding clinical studies and the timely and responsible translation of research findings into clinical practice.

Working in cooperation with many of Charité's institutes and departments, the CRO has sufficient capacity to simultaneously conduct between 40 and 60 research studies. While the CRO accommodates studies spanning the entire medical spectrum, areas of particular research focus include autoimmune disorders, disorders of the lungs and the cardiovascular system, research in the fields of infectious diseases, neurology, and dermatology, as well as research into dietary supplements. At the CRO, both physicians and researchers are involved in the study of innovative new substances, some of which have already been made available to patients. One such substance, which is used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, has recently been approved for use in the United States. Its close links to academic research mean that the CRO is also committed to early-stage exploratory research and research that is yet to pique the interest of the pharmaceutical industry.


Charité Research Organisation GmbH (CRO)


Prof. Dr. Frank Wagner
CEO & Chief Scientific Officer
Charité Research Organisation GmbH
Tel: +49 (30) 450 539 202

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