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Press release


Charité wants to reform medical specialist training

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The "Friedrich C. Luft”- Clinical Scientist program for aspiring specialists will start today with eight candidates

With a ceremonial kick-off event today, the "Friedrich C. Luft" - Clinical Scientist program begins at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Eight assistant doctors from various fields were selected through a peer review process to round out the special education section of their specialist qualification.

The project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and the Charité Foundation with a total of 1.4 million Euros, is strongly supported by the medical faculty and the Board of Directors of Charité. The pilot phase should show how clinical science and research within the specialist's continuing education can be sensibly anchored in Germany.  „The rapid developments in biotechnology caused the end of evening research“, explains Prof. Dr. Duska Dragun who developed the program together with other members of the Young Charité, a group of young doctors at Charité, and the Charité Foundation. Instead progressive differentiation, specialization and increased complexity in medicine require full freedom for scientists who want to interpolate their clinical and research activities closely in order to achieve the maximum benefit for patients, according to Prof. Dragun.

At the core of the "Clinical Scientist" program, in addition to the modules of protected research for the acquisition of scientific skills, management and leadership skills are acquired. The long-term goal of the pilot program is firmly establishing structured specialist training at Charité, to share the experience with other university hospitals and thus initiate nationwide reform in the training of prospective doctors and medical specialists.

With 150 million euros in third party funding, ten collaborative research centers and four sponsored research projects under the excellence initiative, Charité is academically the strongest university medicine in Germany. The integration of research, teaching and patient care at Charité offers ideal conditions for translational research. The slogan "We bring cutting-edge research to the bedside", underlines this claim.

Since 1962 the non-profit Volkswagen Foundation has supported research projects in all disciplines. In the context of changing funding initiatives they provide scientific stimuli to the research community. The Clinical Scientist program is supported in the funding initiative “Off the beaten track.” This funding initiative is aimed at researchers and scientists whose projects cannot be classified among the existing initiatives, but which to an exceptional degree investigate forward-looking issues.

The Charité Foundation founded by the entrepreneur Johanna Quandt promotes entrepreneurial behavior modifiers and innovative projects in research, teaching and patient care within Charité and her partner institutions. As a foundation it uses entrepreneurial business means to achieve their profit goals.


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