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Making music is a high performance sport. Musicians are exposed to typical health risks due to the special physical strain that their instrument causes: discomfort to the muscles and joints, damage to the nerves, overburdening of the voice or excessive stage fright.

Make an appointment at the outpatient clinic and find out more about the specific clinical pictures.

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Consultation and Appointment

Appointment by phone:

 +49 30 450 555 125

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For your appointment you need a medical letter of referral.

Musician Medicine and Common Diseases

Find out about diseases and disorders that are common in the special music medical outpatient clinic. In the Berlin Center for Musicians, you will be treated and assisted by experts who have been involved in these diseases for years in the clinic and research. Incidentally, all these experts are also musically active themselves and therefore have a special understanding of the burdens and problems of musicians.