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Blick über die linke Schulter eines Mannes. Ihm gegenüber sitzt eine junge Ärztin im weißen Kittel, die ihn ansieht und mit dem Finger auf ein Röntgenbild zeigt, dass sie in der anderen Hand hält.

Skin Diseases

When the skin sweats and itches. Read more about chronic eczema and other dermatological diseases in musicians.

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Skin Diseases

Chronic eczema is one of the most common skin diseases and is caused by excessive mechanical stress on the skin. This can lead to redness, itching and scaling of the skin. Secondarily, allergic skin reactions to contact substances (metals, lacquers or woods) may occur. A correct assignment of the disease is necessary to initiate optimal therapeutic measures.

Regular skin care is an important basic element, but there are also very effective medications, for example, to effectively treat chronic hand eczema.

Another problem that may be particularly significant for musicians is excessive sweating of the skin. In addition to standard procedures such as tap water iontophoresis, we can offer treatments with the neurotoxin botulinum toxin that can effectively reduce sweat production.

In addition, numerous other dermatological diseases that are common in the population, such as psoriasis or atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis) also occur in musicians and are cared for in the allergological-immunological consultation.